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Chris Witt

Whenever I see speakers start off as you describe -- I love the image of a drag race -- I get turned off. (I think of it as a hard sell, speakers getting in my face and pushing their agenda without respecting my needs or concerns.) They strike me as inauthentic or, worse, as authentically hyper. The harder they come on, especially at the beginning when I don't even know if I trust them, the more I back away.

One of the ways I like to start off is by telling a story.

Chris Witt

eve isk

Once you've established your connection with the audience, you can begin to use your script or notes, take down the house lights, turn on the projector, and start really getting into your content.

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That explains why people hate it when you read lengthy slide text to them and they have to struggle to say in perfect synch with you.

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I think the real idea is to make things better.

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I just returned from a trip to Germany and colleagues there are amused about America's 3rd World-like medical records situation.

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