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Lee Potts

Hi Pete,

Great ideas. Thanks.

When I'm doing the AV for our speakers, I have a copy of the script in case the remote control dies, then I can advance the slides for them. Some of the speakers would rather have me do it anyway so they don't have to deal with the remote at all.

One additional thing I do is write in big letters with a red Sharpie "SHORT" if the next slide (and script page) only has a few words on it. For instance, an agenda slide between section where all the speaker will be saying is something like, "Next we'll take a look at the western widgets."

devin bean

Thanks for the advice! I think on of my most eye-opening experiences was one time when I lost the final pages of my script. I had everything written out word-for-word, and I intended to give the speech exactly that way. I thought I had a powerful conclusions... but found that, upon losing the script, I could connect with the audience much more powerfully!

So henceforth I've used a script system rather like what you detailed here. First I write out the speech word-for-word, but then translate it into a script that I use for actually giving the speech. A roadmap. Great analogy, thanks again.

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