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Terry Gault


Thanks for the fresh perspective. I think both methods can be effective in helping to connect with your audience.

Connecting can be a lot of things: communicating, associating, relating. Connecting with your audience involves them in the core of what you are saying in your presentation, in the ideas and information you are giving them. At a deeper level, you’re not just giving a speech; you’re creating a two-way interchange based on common interests.

When we connect with something, we bind it to us. Before you start feeding information to your audience, take in some information from them. They are always talking to you — non-verbally. Ask them questions and involve them in the process. Really listen to their questions; paraphrase them for understanding. To influence an audience, thereby getting your message to them, they must trust you. We all tend to trust people we feel connected to. In your presentations, create a sense of shared experience with your audience, so you’ll both get something out of it.

Whether a slow or fast approach should be used really depends on the audience, as you've put nicely here Pete.

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