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The Art of Strategic Messaging in C-Level Speeches and Presentations

As a C-Level speaker and presenter, you should be delivering your organization's key, strategic messages every time you speak. Otherwise, why bother?

Whether you're talking to customers, employees, thought leaders, or the investor community -- audiences need to take away and remember your strategic messages.

Here's the tough part. Served straight up, your strategic messages are pretty hard for audiences to swallow. The content that works in your advertising and collateral just won't cut it. Speech and presentation audiences feel like they're paying you. And they are -- with their time. They don't want to hear a commercial. And they don't want to be talked down to.

So our job is to discover where your strategic messages, the audience's wants and needs, and the vibe of the event all come together.

When it's done right, audience-centric, event-appropriate content that's wrapped around your key, strategic messages is pure gold. Audiences will remember your messages. And they'll appreciate you for telling them.

Pete Ryckman: Strategic Messaging Consultant and Speechwriter

Pete has 24 years of experience developing strategic messages for C-Level speakers. He was a senior speechwriter and messaging expert at Westinghouse Electric, where he worked with three CEOs. At Autodesk, the global leader in design software and maker of AutoCAD, he worked with the CEO to develop strategic messages for customers, employees, thought leaders, and the investor community.

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